The Essence

Submerging, we discover layers of hidden emotions, lost memories, forgotten characters, and neglected physicalities. This craft consists of entangling the past and the future, allowing similarities and differences to appear as one and the same, to the surface- a fragile movement arises from within. A transformative journey takes place within different bodies; The emotional, the physical, and the etheric body which distorts and restores itself. Manifesting an inner and outer sub-conscious connection, carefully resonating and transmitting beyond..


The phenomena of entering different channels simultaneously. Marks the beginning of understanding the vocabulary of each individual and it’s specific navigating methods. In my case, a self-generated hybridization of several genres, which leads towards the experimental movement practice and in parallel entering the liminal realm of Butoh. The fascination towards these pillars in my work lays in the acknowledgment of the primary topic:’ The liberation of the body’ – While defining; ‘The body in Crisis’  or ‘The body as an object’. Since 2017  I’ve been researching throughout the shaping of choreographies, these topics- weaving them like purple treads- intrinsically. Crystalizing it further with other disciplines in an unconventional space -outside the theater.

Curriculum Vitae:


Memories of past productions:


What if the only thing we see is…






Hello, darkness my old friend..







10.000 FOLDS, MEN!

‘ The spirit induced in my body pressures me to attack. Folding me 10.000 times through an inner journey.. Unfolded movements detach…stay in line!’