Portret by my dear friend Jeroen Putmans

Sarah Prescimone (13-11-1990) is a Sicilian maker and performer who graduated from the choreographic department of Fontys in 2017. Since then, she is connected to Makershuis Tilburg has one of the new makers. During her Choreographic study at Fontys, she discovered a fascination for the world of extremities. This lead to a journey within the realm of Butoh and the Experimental


At the age of  10, Sarah started dancing Funk at a local dance school, a few minutes from her home,  a few steps away from the beach. While opening the balcony windows she would breathe the fresh air coming from the rocky mountains. Looking to the right she would experience the colorful houses and the Mediterranean temperament echoing through. Turning to the left, far on the horizon she would feel the salt on her skin and hear the whispers of the sea.

She arrived in The Netherlands at the age of 11 together with her family from Sicily. Coming from a small fisherman village on the northeast coast of the beautiful south Italian vulcanic Island, she found her stay in Tilburg quite challenging. While Being introduced to new languages she soon adapted with the environment by dancing around the house and learning new movement vocabularies to cope with the cold weather.

A wonderful opportunity came along for the shy Sarah. Through dance, she could express and heal herself.  A few new chapters could be written…

After my graduation in the choreography department at Fontys, my focus was mainly projected towards the craft of making, where I unfolded several topics that I taste during my education. Recently the necessity arises to perform again for other choreographers. Both physically and emotionally manifesting their concepts. This is also a personal rediscovery and wishful adaptation to the gathered knowledge consumed through these years of shaping.

At this moment in time, my affinity for movement reaches many realms and genres. Both dance-related and non- Practioning BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) I found an interest in the functionality and intelligence of this movement practice, which I elongate in the craft of making and performing. The findings in my personal laboratory of movements, extend within the exploration of other art-related disciplines. Lend by the reclaim of the moving mind in its full potentiality.

In the past I specialized myself in the dance of darkness; Butoh-  within this exploration, creating am hybridization within the urban styles. Searching and rediscovering duality alterations in movement vocabulary, extremities that collide and embrace- finding adaptation, defining new languages and codes that arise from looking inwards and outwards.

Has a human being I like to exploit my possibilities and stretch my borders. Desiring sensibility and zooming in the sensorial aspects of perceiving- This in order to measure and visit the Unknown, Obviously learning from my surroundings and creating connections within the collective.

Recent Article: https://www.makeitintilburg.com/nl/ruimte-genoeg-voor-je-ambities/ondernemersverhalen/sarah-maakt-het-in-tilburg


Stupor Capture by: Jeroen Putmans


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